fredag 30 september 2016

High Elves in Dragon Rampant

Well I admit to have fallen for Dragon Rampant, It is simple and fast, all the things I like.

So as the retard I am, I made this list, enjoy.

High elves Dragon Rampant

Unit name
DR base unit
Options and fantastical rules
Dragon lord
Greater Warbeast
Flying, Flame Attack.
Dragon mage
Greater Warbeast
Flying, Wizardling(Fire)
Gryphon Lord
Greater Warbeast
Elite Rider or Foot
Missiles +2p
Elite Rider or Foot
Light foot
Heavy foot

Light missiles

Lothern Seaguard
Heavy foot
Mixed Weapons
Heavy Riders

Ellyrian Reavers
Light Riders

Elite Foot
Blessed weapons
White Lions
Elite Foot
Fleet footed
Phoenix guard
Elite Foot
Mystical Armor
Elite Rider
Blessed weapons
Shadow warriors

Light Missiles
Great Eagles
Lesser Warbeast
Fire Phoenix
Lesser Warbeast
Flying, Flame Attack
Frost Phoenix
Lesser Warbeast
Flying, Fear
Eagle Claw
Heavy Missiles


onsdag 31 augusti 2016

Happened to dust off my old high elves.
Result is that I've come a step closer to finishing atleast one miniature...

I shouldn't have chosen highelves the painting never ends :(

söndag 14 september 2014

Some light cavalry

I've been abit slow my muslim project so here comes an update with some light cavalry.

måndag 1 september 2014

Another battle in the east fold.

A short summary, the pictures that are brighter are from early in the game, the darker ones are from later.
As defenders the Rohan elf gondor alliance deploy first, the forces of darkness second, putting pikes on the right flank where the alliance had its cavalry.

Forces of darkness move up, goblin division refuses to move in the beginning.

The alliance pull their cavalry towards the centre away from the pikes, leaving two units of warriors behind.

On the left flank the alliance take a gamble that they can break the urukhai heavy infantry early on and then run over the goblins in the centre forest.

Goblins advance taking control of centre forest.

The gondor infantry on the left flank are beaten off by urukhai.

Drawn out combat between pikes and warriors of rohan on the other flank.

Goblins spread like a plauge throughout the forest, affecting the combats on both flanks with javelins and bows flying everywhere.

Two small units of elves rush in, and in some blinding dicemanship, kill 5 trolls, 1 unit of goblins and push the whole goblin division almost out of the forest.

But by this time, both flanks were lost and the alliance had lost.

Time for a shitload of pics.

And sorry for the unpainted trolls.

söndag 24 augusti 2014

Raids in the Eastfold

Our little Hail Sauron! project is taking form. The armies are slowly starting to resemble armies.
Anyhow, this weekend Håkan and I had a battle, with most of the painted stuff we had.
Sorry for the crappy camera.
 The goblins on the left flank.
 Facing rohan infantry and a small group of elves.
 The left flank was won by the goblins by blotting out the sun with arrows and javelins.
 The urukhai Pike centre. Facing a large contingent of Minas Tirith medium infantry.
 The urukhai on the right flank, versing rohan cavalry.
 Warriors of dol amroth in the centre.
 View from Minas tirith archers.
 The whole battle

A close fought victory for the Alliance. The black bloods barely won the flanks but the warriors of minas tirith smashed through the urukhai pikemen in a frenzy. Leaving all the pike units shattered and the gondorian troops hardly flustered.

lördag 19 juli 2014

Musings on beating up women

I was watching the tvseries continuum, quite nice scifi-series that successfully navigates the shores of scifi.
It tended to stay away from most of the bad stuff that tends be in scifi movies/series.

So why muse on beting up women?

Well in one scene, the main character Cameron gets in a fight, gets beaten about, thrown through a window, choked. Her colleague got beaten quite heavily and was knocked cold.
While the male character ended up with sevrere bruises cuts and an arm in a sling, the woman only had a shallow cut on his cheek.

And this is sort of prevalent in movies. Never mess up a womans makeup.

I bet people can come up with a bunch of examples of movies out there.

Anyhow what I'm saying is, please dear moviemakers, show the signs of fighting on womens faces, and not just a token scratch. It breaks the suspension of disbelief.

fredag 4 juli 2014

More Escher

So the idea is to run these girls as an Elysian drop troops army, hence the tauros-buggies.
My army sofar contains:
4 squads of veterans with 3 plasmaguns
1 company hq with 4 plasmaguns
2 Stormtrooper squads 2 plasmaguns 2 plasmapistols 2 grenadelaunchers
4 Valkyries
1 converted Vulture

This army is crap, too much expensive gear makes it really fragile. But I needed lots of points, fast. So this was the way.

And I wont need to make any more plasmagunners for a while :)

The camoscheme.
As can be seen on the buggies there is a cammoscheme.

But I've chosen to only use it on minis that might start the battle on the ground. The rest will be dropping in or arrive by valkyrie.

My Stormtroopers are a middleground though. I have the really old SAS-style stormtroopers and they fit better in cammo.

The cammoscheme was inspired by the berlin brigade.
But my grey is the bluish grey I use on almost everything.
And the brown I use is redder.